The best 10 hair straighteners for waves, curls, and coils

We all know the biggest struggle of having natural curly hair is trying to style it everyday. Yes, wash & go’s are an option and trying hairstyles from Tik tok is exciting but sometimes you want to try something different without causing damage to your hair.
Like most of us, the sudden urge to straighten your hair always comes around but that fear of heat damage strays you away from doing so. Your curl pattern means so much to you and you’d hate to ruin it just because you wanted to try a style. This is a fear we’ve all heard but what if there was a way for you to achieve your desired hair look and still maintain those curls you worked so hard on to keep healthy? Luckily, we’re here to talk about, the best flat iron for curly, wavy, and coiled hair straighteners, with our list of best iron types. 

1. Irons with ceramic plates 

The best tools for curly hair are ceramic flat Irons that have a controllable heat setting and a uniform temperature distribution. Just like curls, not all straighteners are precisely the same. For instance,  hair porosity is an essential indicator of how much oil your hair receives from the scalp, and coarser textures require extra precautions (like using a heavy heat sealer) before heating. 

2. Ionic Best Flat Irons: 

Such irons are made with Ionic technology that locks moisture into the hair, leaving it silky and shiny. They are ideal for different hair textures like frizzy hair, dry hair, curly hair, coils, or wavy hair. If you have fine hair, don't use high heat temperatures, as it removes the opportunity for volume making the hair look limp and flat. At the same time, brittle and damaged hair must be treated exceptionally gently, using the lowest possible temperature available.

Irons with ceramic plates

3. Tourmaline Irons: 

As the name suggests, the plates of these irons are filled with tourmaline dust. Tourmaline irons produce negative ions when heated and require less heat to straighten hair. They are perfect for people who like to monitor how much heat they usually use. 

4. Titanium Irons: 

These irons offer similar benefits to tourmaline but with added support; they produce negative ions and don't require as much heat - just like tourmaline irons. They also heat up very quickly, however, they tend to be more expensive than others.
Wet-dry irons 

5. Wet-dry irons: 

These irons have ventilation systems that allow heat to be used on wet hair. They are pretty handy for busy girls! You do not need to air dry before working. It is arguably the best hair straightener for people with busy lifestyles.

6. Temperature-Controlled Iron Brush  

The new-age straightening brush with advanced PTC heating technology, and temperature-controlled hot brush have everything you need for quick in-salon straightening. The built-in ion generator emits negative ions that interact with the molecular particles of the hair and close the cuticles. This reduces frizz and split ends and creates silky shiny hair instead. The temperature-controlled iron brush straightener is an absolute winner especially because it’s so easy to use. 

7. Ultra Gloss Floating Plates 

The ultimate tool is everything we look for in superior straightening. It gets the job done faster than most other tools on the market that we've tested, and it also looks great. We loved the delicate shapes and thick support arm that give it a sleek and streamlined look, while the glossy finish adds an elegant touch to any dressing table. 

8. Cordless and travel-ready 

The cordless design is perfect for when you’re on the go. The results are long lasting and it can be your travel buddy anyway.   The vast plates work great on all hair types as it can style any texture from fine to thick curls.  This also comes in handy for stylists who prefer to style with large portions of hair which lessens your clients time in the chair.  

9. Multi-tasking Plates 

If you're looking for a multi-tasking hair hero, multi-tasking plates are the perfect styling tool. It is an excellent option for anyone with curls who wants to straighten their hair quickly. These plates are best for straightening hair because of  the plate's width and straight edges. Although it can’t create every style it's definitely a favorite for creating beautiful straight hair. 

10. Integrated Comb 

An integrated comb is much similar to a good hair straightener. Each section of hair it touches will be smooth as if you used an actual flat iron to get your ideal look. 

If you like poker-straight hair, we recommend going via each team twofold. 

Here’s a reminder before you go… 

UBeautyPro’s curls, waves, coils, and professional flat irons are beautiful and effective. To make your hair stay in your desired look, these hot irons , brushes, and combs will do wonders for you. Now that you’ve learned about what’s what, nothing can stand between you and the opportunity of having stunning hair.