Returning To The Salon With Lifted COVID-19 Restrictions


Salons are fundamentally a touch-place. Every twist, cut, wash, drying, and patting, play essential roles in the overall experience. The gossips, whispers, and sometimes, overt drama—an unsatisfied client, a disrespectful hairstylist, the beautiful gape of a customer who has been blown away by the complex layers of hairdo, add to the surreal experience. It's amazing! But in 2020, the Global Pandemic led to strict lockdowns across the country, leaving many Americans without an option to go to their favorite salon for their hairdo. Today the restrictions are lifted; yet, the fear of the virus lingers. So, should you return to the salon? 

Absolutely, but you must understand the risks that pertain to hairstyling. Your stylist will get close-up contact with you—much beyond the six feet requirements—and for longer hours. 

What to Expect Post Covid Lockdown

A recent Groupon survey revealed that 'restaurants, retail shops, clothing stores, salons, spas, and bars, are expected to be among the first places people spend their money once it's safe to do so.' 

With an expected 16% increase in the total amount of money Americans spend on local businesses, you should expect your salon to have more visiting clients. This, however, does not necessarily translate into a busier salon. Salons will have a different setup and feel due to the guidelines set by the CDC. First, you should expect fewer people than it used to be pre-covid. You may have to make a reservation, and some salon owners may explore outdoor options to limit the risk of infection from staying too long in a closed room. 

Different states will set and implement guidelines for local businesses. For example, in Connecticut—as with most other states, customer seats will be set six feet apart, and everyone will be required to wear a face mask before entering the salon. In addition, you should expect fewer people at reception lounges, and in some states, reception lounges are blocked. 

Like most other businesses that survived during the Pandemic, most thriving salons will have a functional web interface and customer care line for reservations. However, you may have to make a reservation before going in physically. 

How to Protect Yourself In a Salon

- Wear a face mask: The Center for Disease Control has many requirements for businesses opening up post-Covid, including wearing masks within any business facility. Wearing a mask not only protects you; it also protects the stylists and customers in the salon. 

- We all love the personal touch, but while getting your eyebrows threaded or receiving a facial continue to be conscious. With such proximity between your stylist or esthetician, the transmission of mucus has a higher probability, which is where mask-wearing can be of importance. 

- Always sanitize before entering the salon. 

- Wear easy-to-off clothes because your stylist will most likely stand over you for hours. Thoroughly wash your top once you get home from a salon visit.  

- Insist on the 6-feet distance with other customers: Your stylist should be the only one who gets too close to you. Insist on a safe space between you and other customers. 


With ongoing vaccination efforts, you may be tempted to return to normal behaviors pre-covid. Vaccination protects you from the virus but does not protect the people around you who may not have received the vaccination. In addition, you are not 100% out of the weeds for potentially spreading coronavirus even if you have received your vaccination doses; hence, you must strictly adhere to guidelines in your local salon and other local businesses.