How to Pick the Right Products for Your Hair Type?

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Finding the right products for your hair can be a long journey no one expects to be on. It isn’t rocket science, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed for being confused; this is simply a process we all must go through. Product testing can be risky, but it's a risk we need to take to ensure your hair is in the healthiest state it can be. 

When determining the best hair products for you, it is essential that you are aware of your hair type. This is important because utilizing the wrong hair products can cause serious damage to your hair. Knowing your hair type allows you to establish the correct balance for your hair and end bad hair days for good.

Here are four criteria to consider which might help you pick the right hair care essentials while determining your hair type:

1) Hair Texture 

The first step in identifying what kind of hair you have is to measure the diameter of your hair. Although you can't measure each strand, you must focus on how thin or thick each hair strand is. Hair can be classified into three types: fine, medium, and thick. This can impact how well your hair holds styles and reacts to different products. For example, fine hair may require additional holds by using a soft holding spray, edge control, or a serum to help maintain hairstyles.

Thick hair has the ability to maintain hairstyles longer due to the higher number of available hairs allowing styles a more cohesive holding.. Medium hair falls in the middle and styling depends on how you are wanting to maintain it. You will find most products to be of use. With this knowledge, you are destined to select the suitable hair products to match your desired styling needs.

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2) Oiliness / Dry Scalp

We've all heard that if your scalp isn't in good condition, your strands won't be either, which is why taking care of your hair is a requirement. However, determining the health of your scalp might be more complicated than it appears. A person can have both oily and dry scalp or split ends.

To conduct a test, shampoo your hair as usual. Allow your hair to air dry and avoid applying any products which can affect the outcome. Next, gently presently press a tissue against your scalp near the crown of your head (do not rub). If there is oil residue on the tissue, you have an oily scalp. An average scalp has a trace of oil on the tissue. You have a dry scalp if you find nothing on the tissue.

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3) Porosity

Hair porosity refers to its capacity to absorb moisture or substance. Knowing your hair's porousness will help you decide what chemical treatments and products to use. Placing a single strand of hair in a water dish is an excellent way to evaluate your hair's porosity. If your hair falls to the bottom, it has a high porosity which means it easily absorbs moisture. If your hair floats on top of the water, it has little porosity, which means it is difficult for your hair to absorb moisture. Lastly, if your hair flows in the center of the water, it has average porosity, indicating that it is well-balanced. Hence, the hair has low porosity if it is silky to the touch, but if it is rough, it has high porosity. 

To assist with managing hair with various levels of porosity and provide an easy comb out, switch to the Black Diamond Healing Detangler from UBeauty Pro. Our detangler is a lightweight spray that leaves hair lustrous and manageable to style. Marula and coconut oils are key ingredients that aid in moisture. This hair detangler is appropriate for all hair types and has superior detangling properties to help you manage texture. Marula oil will also help to rebuild fragile hair while leaving it frizz-free.

4) Special Hair Types

In addition to the hair kinds stated above, there are other aspects to consider while selecting products:

Colored and Bleached Hair.

Colored hair is frequently sensitive, weakened, very porous, and damaged due to regular coloring. Choose products explicitly created for chemically treated hair, such as shampoos, conditioners,  leave-in treatments, and hair masks for colored hair.

Bleached hair will find shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks that keep their color bright and radiant while also caring for the quality that the lighting process has interrupted are most suitable

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Dealing with dandruff can be very uncomfortable; fortunately, it can be an easy fix! You can eliminate dandruff from your scalp by using the proper dandruff shampoo. Cleansing your hair with unique compounds such as zinc, pyrithione, salicylic acid, and allantoin will successfully remove dandruff from your hair.

Hair Loss

A plethora of reasons can cause hair loss. Understanding the various types and causes of developing thicker, healthier hair could be critical. Stress, dietary shortages, post-pregnancy hormonal changes, or drugs are common causes of reactional hair thinning, but progressive hair thinning is frequently inherited.


After passing all of the hair tests, you may discover that you have fine hair that is thick or coarse hair that is thin, as well as any number of combinations in between. What happens next? Prioritize and concentrate on one primary area.