5 Ways to Use a Flat Iron

Imagine going to work, college, or for an outing every time with a new hairstyle. One day you’re wearing beautiful bouncy curls that are dancing whenever a gush of wind passes through them. And the next day, your hair is caressing your neck and back as it lays straight and sleek while occasionally embracing fellow passersby’s. Doesn’t that sound alluring? 

Slaying a fabulous-looking hairstyle every day is a shared dream of many, but creating different styles daily only sounds fascinating when you’re getting it done by a professional hairstylist. Although that sounds wonderful who has the time and money to spend in a salon multiple days out of the week? It’s a bit far-fetch so what could be another solution?

An easy solution to this problem is to use one styling tool for multiple different hairstyles. And that one tool is none other than a flat iron! It’ll not only save your pocket from getting burnt but also let your dream come true of creating a lovely look every single day. 

Let’s have a look at 5 ways to style your hair using a flat iron

1. Straight and Sleek

Use a Flat Iron
What else are flat irons typically used for if its not to make your hair straight and sleek?

Straight and sleek hair gives you a sophisticated look because it always has a  smooth and shiny finish. It is usually a go-to style as its  easy to manage and handle.  Straight hair looks most suited to round and diamond face shapes. It hides the sides of the face giving it the illusion of a slimmer look. Also, straight hair is mostly preferred for formal events. Straightening hair only requires you to slide the flat iron from near the root till the end of the hair shaft, and you’re ready with a less time-consuming hairstyle on the go.     

Product: Try H2Pro Presto 1 1/4" ceramic turbo flat iron to create sleek straight hair. This professional flat iron is reinforced with a ceramic coating that protects hair from heat damage. Its 3 cm wide iron plate provides sufficient area to straighten your hair effectively.  

2. Flipped Out/In Ends

This famous hairstyle of the 1960s still hasn’t lost its charisma. 

Section by section, hair is straightened from the roots by using the flat iron. However, while reaching the end, the flat iron is turned in/out depending on your preference, giving you the look of flipped-in or out hair at the end. This simple way of creating a flipped hairstyle can be done when you’re running out of ideas but want to play it safe with your hair look of the day. It is a perfect blend of drama and sophistication that will make people love your look even if it was quick and easy.    

3. Beachy Waves

professional flat irons

Let’s do the contemporary hairstyle. Get ready with the romantic beachy waves rendering a relaxed vibe to your look. 

Take a section of your hair and place it in between the iron plates. Keep the flat iron diagonally to the section of hair. Press the flat iron and flip the section of hair over the flat iron and slide the iron towards the end. And voila, your soft beachy waves are ready to grace your look. Try it out for a casual event and flaunt your beautiful soft hair freely.   

Product: Try H2pro Vivace 1 3/4" Ceramic Flat Iron and create graceful soft beachy curls. With variable temperature settings ranging from 140F to 450F, you can create this style conveniently. The Vivace is made with ceramic and tourmaline for all hair types, leaving hair styled and revitalized.

4.Tight Curls

H2pro Black Diamond Mikro 3/10" Ceramic Flat Iron

Want to add some drama? Match your fun-loving, warm-hearted, and outgoing personality with tight curls. And here is the most interesting thing, you don’t necessarily need a curler; a flat iron can do it all. Tight curls give volume to your hair and change your look completely. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the flat iron plate. Then slide it down towards the end of the hair length. 

Tip: keep the section of your hair perpendicular to the iron plates, and you’ll get the desired tight curls. Try H2pro Black Diamond Mikro 3/10" Ceramic Flat Iron to create small bouncy tight curls and let your hair lay freely on your shoulders. 

5. Voluminous Blow Dried Straight Hair 

Blow drying takes time. Plus, handling the hairbrush with the hair dryer can be a bit of a hassle. So let your hair get  the blow-dried effect with the flat iron and save yourself from the hassle of using two hair tools at once. 

Use the flat iron as you did for straightening your hair. Don’t worry; it won’t create a sleek look. The secret is to take a section of hair and slide the flat iron up instead of downward direction. This will add volume to the hair. Also, while reaching toward the end, just rotate your flat iron and get nice curls at the end. 

Product: you can use any flat iron to create this hairstyle and rock your look of the day. 

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