5 Benefits of Using a Titanium Flat Iron

titanium flat iron
In recent times, there has been plenty of stigmas surrounding the impact of using metal plates. People have categorized these plates as unsafe and non-friendly to the hair, causing others to stray away from titanium products.

Some even say, “you should avoid metal irons.” However, they haven't done thorough research to understand the very purpose of metal plates. Although titanium flat irons have developed a bad reputation, we're here to put those accusations to rest; with these 5 benefits of using a Titanium Flat Iron… you’re missing out on a great deal!

Are Titanium Plates Safe? 

Titanium's combination of lightweight and great strength makes it an excellent choice for medical implants such as the ball and socket joints used in hip replacements. Titanium is also biocompatible, which means it is not hazardous to the human body or hair. Not only is it a great choice when it comes to styling your hair it's also suitable for medical usage, hair styling tools, and jewelry titanium-plated straighteners are safe and efficient, providing continuous heat, making them ideal for everyday styling. If you're still on the fence about getting the best titanium flat iron like our UBeauty Pro bestseller, the  H2PRO BLACK DIAMOND MIKRO 3/10" TITANIUM FLAT IRON, here are some reasons why you should:

best titanium flat iron

  • Reduce The Styling Fuss

  • The biggest ‘no-no’ in the hair community is to over process your hair or your clients. You can over process by using chemicals often in the hair or even by using too much heat. So what does this mean? Have you ever constantly styled a piece of hair that just won't curl or lay right? If so, you are overheating your hair which can cause long-term damage.  

    Titanium flat irons are known for completing the job with just one pass. Titanium plates gently handle hair with its smooth surface and leave it glossy and beautiful after every use. This allows for your hair to have the ability to have ample movement and last in its designated style.

    Pure titanium has a thermal conductivity of 17 (W / mk), about 1/4 of iron, and 1/23 of copper. Furthermore, titanium is simple to heat and cool. Surprisingly, it is easy to warm and efficiently heat despite the minimal heat conduction. 

  • Forget the Frizz

  • There is nothing worse than frizzy hair, or better yet when your hair is silky smooth, and your flat iron makes your hair frizzy! With titanium plates, you can ease the frizz. Isn't that amazing?

    If you have frizzy hair, a titanium flat iron is essential; it helps preserve your hair from humidity throughout the day.

  • Durable

  • Titanium is one of the most robust and resilient metals on the planet and is utilized in a wide variety of industrial applications. Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element in the periodic table.

    Titanium straighteners are scratch-proof, so you won't need to buy additional plates once you get one. With cutting-edge energy- and electricity-saving features, UBeauty Pro's top-of-the-line H2PRO VIVACE 1/2" TITANIUM FLAT IRON assures remarkable durability.

    titanium and ceramic flat irons

  • Fast Heating

  • Nothing is more inconvenient than waiting for your styling tools to heat up when you're in a hurry. Titanium straighteners heat up quickly, allowing you to start styling your hair immediately.

    Since titanium straighteners heat up quickly, they are fantastic for fast styling, which makes it easier to straighten hair with only a few passes. Ceramic straighteners are less harmful than titanium straighteners but can take longer to heat up and may cause more passes which, as mentioned before, can cause damage to the hair.

  • Consistent Temperature

  • Titanium plates maintain a steady temperature that does not fluctuate. The plates also distribute heat evenly between themselves and maintain a consistent temperature range of anywhere between  250 to 400F.

    Titanium plates retain a constant temperature throughout the treatment to ensure the greatest straightening results. As a result, it will leave hair feeling silky and extremely shiny.

    The Bottom line

    UBeauty Pro is a leading brand in the styling industry passionate about stylists, hair tools, and style techniques. Our main objective is to help stylists increase their service offerings and customers by providing quality tools and comprehensive education on how to properly use styling tools for outstanding results.

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